Challenging Moments Lead to Knowledge

interview blog post
Daniel Robinett hits a double off the wall in the spring break tournament.

The classmate interview project was a challenge, but I felt like I gained a lot from the project. This was my first time ever working with recording and video editing. I was brand new to the software so the challenge started off early and often. I also had to do this project by myself because I never got a classmate to be my partner. To fix this problem I ask my friend Dylan Haugh to help me with the project. He was a great interviewer with experience in communication and journalism.

The project took a total of two weeks to finish. The first week was working on the script, and finalizing what I was going to talk about in my interview. Dylan and I worked on this for a couple of hours and got it down to start recording. The process was asking each question and answering them in 10-15 second videos. The first video was done in the

The experience I got out of the project was great. I learned how to work a camera and how to prepare for an interview. I learned a lot from Dylan in editing skills, and working with the Avid software. I believe I can take these skills and use them to further my career in Sport Management.

The video that I made tells you how baseball influenced my life. This video starts with me talking about my early little league years to my community college years, and finally playing club baseball for Washington State university.