Challenging Moments Lead to Knowledge

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Daniel Robinett hits a double off the wall in the spring break tournament.

The classmate interview project was a challenge, but I felt like I gained a lot from the project. This was my first time ever working with recording and video editing. I was brand new to the software so the challenge started off early and often. I also had to do this project by myself because I never got a classmate to be my partner. To fix this problem I ask my friend Dylan Haugh to help me with the project. He was a great interviewer with experience in communication and journalism.

The project took a total of two weeks to finish. The first week was working on the script, and finalizing what I was going to talk about in my interview. Dylan and I worked on this for a couple of hours and got it down to start recording. The process was asking each question and answering them in 10-15 second videos. The first video was done in the

The experience I got out of the project was great. I learned how to work a camera and how to prepare for an interview. I learned a lot from Dylan in editing skills, and working with the Avid software. I believe I can take these skills and use them to further my career in Sport Management.

The video that I made tells you how baseball influenced my life. This video starts with me talking about my early little league years to my community college years, and finally playing club baseball for Washington State university.



Jim Crawford’s Strategy to Success

Jim Crawford. Director of Communication & Marketing at Basketball Travelers, Inc.

“Get involved early and often”, Jim Crawford. Crawford’ seminar was about Social Media, Marketing and Media of Management of NCAA and International Sport. He started off telling how he got involved early with WSU marketing with recreation, and soon promoted to a student assistant with athletic communications. With Tammy Crawford as his mom he had an in with the sports programs at WSU, but he did have to put in long hours and hard work to be where he is at now. He noted that networking is key, and how it will get you places that you never thought were possible.

Crawford talked about his three-point triangle system that helped him achieve his college and professional goals. For example, he began with communication, event management, and journalism. He would focus on these three points which would help him expand his education to figure out what he wanted to do for a career. After finding which path he wanted to go on he made another three-point triangle to expand that part of the working environment. This idea of a three-point triangle system gave me a strategy to do during my college career. I believe this will help me to know what exactly I want to do after college. Crawford said to expand your knowledge of different departments at WSU, and I believe this three-point triangle system will help me achieve.

The final thing he talked about is how you should approach the professional field of work. The first thing he started with was create and build your resume. Apply to any internship even if it is not in your department. Crawford specifically said that experience is key to finding a job in the future, and that is why he thinks WSU requires us so many hours of work before graduating. He talked about his experience with the Seattle Reign FC. While working with the he didn’t enjoy the experience, but later he believed the experience gave him the chance to go to his next job. The factors which makes a good employee is being able to learn on the job, coach ability, and admitting that you don’t know how to do something. From all his experienced and networking, he has found his new job where he gets to travel and use his major in communication. His new job is with Basketball Travelers, Inc.

Basketball Travelers, Inc bring US college basketball teams to international tournaments. This is what Jim Crawford did after his Assistant Director, Athletic Communication with Washington State University.

WSU’s New Triple Threat

wsu-unit-social-badgeSigning day has been a tedious and nervous job for Mike Leach since after the 2016 season. The Cougar football team lost there star wide receivers (River Cracraft and Gabe Marks) who combined for 56 career touch downs. Leach has had a hard job to fill the shoes of the best receiving tandem in Washington State University history. Well thank you to signing day, hopefully WSU has replaced the two graduating seniors with a trio of wide receivers.  The Cougars now have Travell Harris, Devontavean Martin, and Jamire Calvin. The two three-star recruits and one four-star recruit respectively. This is something that Cougar fans all around the nation can get excited for.  With Luke Falk’s era coming to an end after the 2017 fans can be sure expecting another bowl game. Hopefully rallying the fans from the loss in the  Holiday Bowl against University of Minnesota.  The trio can give new life into the Cougar football team and the fans.

This was a smart signing by Mike Leach because he lives by throwing the ball just as much as the Golden State Warriors live by the 3-ball. With the versatility, these guys give the football team Luke Falk will have various options to throw to each down. With Harris being the speedster at five-foot-eight-inches, he will certainly have a chance to start in the slot replacing Cracraft. While we have the bigger targets on the outside, Martin at six-foot-four and Calvin at five-foot-ten-inches.

The 2017 football season is vastly approaching, and the trio will be in the crimson and grey before you know it. Let’s hope this signing day leads to new beginning, and we can end with a bang. How about Luke Falk goes out with a National title, and keeps the train rolling throughout the years. Here we come, GO COUGS!


My expectation from this course is to help me further my education in Sports Management. The class will help me learn how to employ principles of strategic planning, and financial and human resource management. This will help me assess marketing and media needs and formulate short term and long term solutions. I expect that I will learn terminology and concepts associated with communication in sports. I also want to learn more about the marketing side, and how I can use media and communication to market teams, events, sponsors, etc. These are my expectations from this class, and I hope I learn a lot more as well.